Patricia Kraus


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Acclaimed singer, composer and Spanish producer, she is considered an unique artist, an irreplaceable voice with a powerful live. Her charismatic and innovative personality has shown that she is unstoppable.


Suggesting and creating  landscapes where different styles such as Blues, Jazz, Sou, R&B,l and their own roots are mingled, are the musical crossroads where Patricia Kraus's voice stands in clear difference. Endowed with an extraordinary natural instrument, the Spanish vocalist born in Milan and raised in Madrid in a musical family atmosphere, with her father Alfredo Kraus, develops in an almost innate way and an eclectic taste for music beyond any musical gender. His way of singing is free and detached from any label, using his voice to create an absolutely personal and unique sound, which has conquered a large number of followers, wherever She goes. In her latest work "Drops", Patricia Kraus' songs stand out for their rhythm, subtlety, passion and magic, together with a mixed sensibility in which she travels through her memories with a variety sources of inspiration.


Outstanding mention in international festivals, such as Canarias Jazz & Heineken, WOMAD, FIB, Madrid International Jazz Festival, Encuentro de las Americas in Los Angeles, Tampere Hall in Finland, Jazz Plaza in Cuba, and many other national and international events that include television, radio and live concerts.


"The singer in the last decade has become an icon."

Alberto Barranco, The North Of Castille. Spain.


"Patricia Kraus was  such a delicatessen that you want to experience more "

Jukka L. Savolainen for Finland.

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