In today’s competitive music industry, we find ourselves in a high flow of projects and a growing number of talented artists who are not able to take it to the next level due to the barriers and factors that have prevent their music to move forward and it has nothing to do with their talent. We are referring to the almost unapproachable tasks of management, communication, marketing and the countless sales strategies that even the most emerging markets demand in order to access festival programmers, promoters, stamps and other buyers to finally have their music exposed and programmed. These infinite events can be exhausting to the majority of artist and managers, in the attempt to make a leap that will take them to demonstrate the quality of their music and projects.


Attending these challenges and issues in which you currently encounter and your objective to bid on general opportunities for your music projects, we have designed and now offer personalized tutorial and consulting services with the objective to facilitate you with the tools and strategies which will help you with the development of your music projects, it will also help you throughout your artistic career and assist you with the development of your music projects.

Our goal is to assist those independent artists, musicians, managers and producers through our advisory to boost and improve their actions and daily management by establishing strategies to reach their objectives.

We are a group of international music professionals with more of ten years of experience in the music industry who specialize in offering our consulting services for your development in artistic projects in Europe and Latin America.

Ideal for: 

  • Musicians and music artist of all genders. Soloists, bands, orchestras.

  • Musician Managers and producers in diverse sectors of the Music Industry

Management, Development and Internationalization these are the lines that define our objectives and various areas:

  • Professional Career in Management
  • Image, Communication and Marketing
  • International Projection
    • Applying effective strategies for your professional management career.
    • Designing a unique image for your personal development for your project.
    • Advising and developing a communication and marketing strategic plan.
    • Consulting and designing strategies targeting international markets for your project.

How do we do it: 


- MENTORING sessions:

The personalized tutoring sessions are the must effecting methods to gain opportunities and meet goals in your music projects.  We offer brief sessions with one of our experts, reviewing the specific challenges in your project and offering strategic solutions for your goals and growth.



Global development of your music project, generating strategies that can secure your exponential and sustained growth.


SIMAO (Spain-Guinea) World Music / African Fusion Music

"We feel  very secure and perceive that we are with a group of professionals, confidence and strength and are knowledgeable of what they have in their hands.  They offer us confidence and support in this industry and make us understand what we are able to achieve what we want.  In a brief resume the consulting has given us FOCUS, PROJECTION, SECURITY AND CONFIDENCE”.

BELEN MACKINLAY (Argentina-Scotland) World Classical Fusion/ World Jazz 

"It was an enrichment Experience to work with Natalia Pizzutto.  In very few sessions she helped an independent self-managed artist like myself to be introduced in the market by giving me the tools and management strategies with an action plan to understand the passionate music business.  Personalized encounters with personalized tools to be implemented.  100% Effective.  Works with enthusiasm, love and very grounded."   


BAFI BALDÉS- Cultural Manager (Mexico)  

"Wonderful working with Beatriz Ortega and learn from her experience.  Without a doubt, an enriched workshop with clear methodology to work in our cultural and artistic events and festivals in a professional manner and consistent with our interests and objectives. In addition to having another perspective of cultural work from Spain."



"Working with Beatriz Ortega has been very useful. I have learned the gear of the music industry and they have advised me to envision the right strategy to put the efforts in the right place in the right way and maximize the opportunities. Highly recommended."