The singer Sheila Blanco and the pianist Federico Lechner lead this quite peculiar and unique jazz trio, Voice, Guitar and Piano, with either one of the best Spanish jazz guitarists: Chema Saiz, Israel Sandoval and Marcos Collado.  The leitmotiv they use is the music of the inmortal George Gershwin.  It is not  just another “tribute to” jazz project.

What they do with Gershwin’s songbook is to drive a journey across different worlds, different colors, from the most classical swing to the avant garde experimentation, from funky,  blues to South-American  music, many times using the voice as another instrument. Despite this risky development, their performance is never unkind to the audience, and always full of energy, drama, humor and humanity. 

The Album “PURO GERSHWIN” was released on April 2018 and was part of  Live Music program on TV “Los Conciertos de Radio 3”.