Pablo Lapidusas International Trio (P.L.I.N.T.) is a project of Argentine pianist Pablo Lapidusas, in partnership with Cuban bassist Leo Espinosa and Brazilian drummer Marcelo Araújo. It is a musical project where the experience of migration and the Latin American DNA of the three musicians seems to be the thread of a powerful musical performance!

In 2015, the trio recorded a live CD in the prestigious club The Orbit (South Africa): Live in Johannesburg – Ekaya.

In July 2018 the trio released the second album Bora, produced by Joni Schwalbach, with the special participation of Brazilian rapper Marcelo D2. Currently P.L.I.N.T. is preparing a show with a symphonic orchestra, with arrangements made by Jacques Morelembaum, Luís Figueiredo, Ehud Ettun and Rodrigo Morte, that will be on tour in 2019.