Pahola Crowley

Pahola Crowley is a Costa Rican vocalist and composer who has been in the music business for years, performing in clubs, theatres and festivals in Spain and throughout Latin America. She possesses a prodigal vocal technique, making her tremendously versatile and spectacular to watch. At the same time, she has a special capability of communicating and stirring emotions through her music in a very personal and direct manner.

Her third album, “Sed de vida”, edited by Youkali Music this year and recorded alongside some of Spain’s finest musicians, offers the listener a musical journey from the Latin sounds of her home country to the deep and visceral sounds of jazz and soul music. It is a special fusion which is unique, elegant and heartfelt. She uses her technical prowess in a musical and expressive way, creating a music which is hard to classify, yet is exciting and emotional, musically complex, yet at the same time surprisingly simple, intuitive and spontaneous. A music which strives to capture the insatiable desire to live, love, create and feel, which resides in us all and could be described as our “Sed de vida”- (“Thirst for life”).