Jorge Cariglino

Jorge Cariglino is a jazz musician, guitarist, composer, arranger and producer. 

He was born in Buenos Aires where he studied with the most outstanding jazz musicians of the Buenos Aires scene, he developed his musical skills creating his own style based on the natural fusion of jazz with its cultural environment of the Rio de la Plata movement. 

He is an eclectic composer who, due to his long career, covers different styles but always with a very refined aesthetic and following the great stream of the jazz guitar masters, such as Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino. His guitar playing is fluid, virtuous, strong and his sound is warm and clean. 

He currently lives in Madrid, where he teaches jazz and contemporary music, as well as playing with his group throughout Spain. At the same time he composes and produces his own music. He has recently released his latest work whith the Jorge Cariglino Trío "Espejismo-Mirage". 

He has shared stage and/or recorded with musicians as; Juan Carlos Cirigliano, Luis Vechio, Carlos Carli, Marcelo Peralta, Richi Ferrer, Philip Catherine, Chris Kase, among others.