Founded in 2003, the Greg Lamy Quartet is, since 2007, composed of guitarist Greg Lamy, saxophonist Johannes Müller, drummer Jean-Marc Robin and double bassist Gautier Laurent. They have released three albums, What are you afraid of? (2006), I see you (2009) and Meeting (2013), the latter signed with the Belgian label Igloo Records.


Characterised by an alchemical osmosis, the Greg Lamy Quartet is an accomplished ensemble, inspiring and ambitious, harmonious and pluralistic and always driven by the pleasure of playing together, thus creating a unique jazz atmosphere.


For the quartet, a tour follows hot on the heels of another. Europe, United States, Brazil – they keep being successful in Luxembourg as well as abroad. Their latest album, Meeting , received critical and public acclaim and was one of the label’s bestselling albums. In 2016, the Luxembourgish music export office music:LX awarded them the Export Artist of the Year Award in the jazz category.