A New Album -”Observe The Silence”- will be released 2020 on Igloo records (BE) with Gautier Laurent & Jean-Marc Robin & Bojan Z


New Orleans native guitarist, Greg Lamy, lives between Luxemburg and Paris. After he studied in Boston at the Berklee College of Music, he was rapidly noticed when showcasing in clubs and quickly toured across Europe or in New York. Greg Lamy often finds himself invited to perform in various bands and has simultanously created his own quartet with the saxophonist Johannes Müller, the drummer Jean-Marc Robin and the double-bass player Gautier Laurent. Since 2006, the quartet has released four albums, « What are you afraid of ? » (2006), «I see you» (2009), «Meeting» (2013) and «Press Enter» (2017) both signed with the label Igloo Records. A new album will be released beginning 2020. The Greg Lamy band is an inspired and challenging formation where the pleasure of performing together and being pluralist at the same time are the decisive element, creating a unique jazz atmosphere.


 "A guitar player whose refreshing and pure guitar sound gives birth to multiple melodic climates, underlined by amost fluid style, a musician with a promising future.”

 Lionel Loueke


"Lamy is a true electric guitarist in jazz. His playful approach is open, sometimes rough and oftentimes unforeseeable. No one here cares about genre clichés–Greg Lamy’s openness and humour thus recalling John Scofield. Great album! "

Lothar Trampert on the album “Press Enter” in Gitarre & Bass Magazin 2018 (DE)



"Once the ever joyful Jean-Marc Robin fires up one of Lamy’s well-crafted tunes with the help of accomplice Gautier Laurent on double-bass, the guitarist is left no choice but to challenge himself and trust me, that’s exactly when the magic happens..."

Pascal Dorban, Jazz Journalist. 2019 (L)