Acuña-Mange Quartet, belongs to the renowned Rio de la Plata jazz movement in South America, and is undoubtedly one of the exponents of greater compositional subtlety and musical exquisiteness of the moment. Proposing images and simple landscapes as the starting point of his sonic universe, Acuña-Mange gives us a deep, dynamic journey, driven by contemporary jazz as a motor and inspiration, crossed by landscapes related to their musical foundations, such as candombe, murga, folklore, and sounds of music from the south of the world.


With a sound lineup of seasoned musicians and a growing up musical maturity,  the quartet released its new album: Otro Cielo in November 2018, and prepares its first international gig: Other Skies Tour 2019.


Acuña-Mange has shared scenarios and collaborations with musicians of the likes of: Marcelo Moguilevsky, Manu Sija, Nora Sarmoria, Ricardo Nole, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, among others.