Innovation, expertise, responsiveness and personal care have been the hallmarks of Jeronimo Stage. With more than fifteen years of experience in the field we continue to offer a variety of Production, Booking and Consulting services to artists, agents arts administrators and producers. 

Producer and General Manager

Booking Agent

Beatriz Ortega is an experienced Producer, Booking Agent and Arts Administrator. With more than 20 years in the field, her focus is to make things happen with and international vision, building bridges around the world. Based in Los Angeles and Madrid she loves surfing and travelling. She collaborates with different organizations in Spain and  the USA promoting  cultural exchange.


Booking Agent

Assistant Director 

Mario de la Calle has an extensive experience as a professional musician playing with different national and international artists, that has developed parallel to his career as booker and producer in different artistic projects. Born in Madrid, he loves South-East Asian Culture and his food, but also he is passionate about Jazz, progressive rock and folk music.


Luz Divina    

Luzca Promociones Comunicación  

Coral Ortiz