Dock In Absolute

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Dock In Absolute is a stellar trio from Luxembourg comprised of Jean-Philippe Koch on piano, David Kintziger on bass and Michel Mootz on drums, young musicians who breathed new life into the music scene. With a shared love of jazz, they combine different styles of progressive Jazz, classical and rock. Its music is sparkling, varying, forceful, pressing, rich in twists and turns in mood: from lyrical to unrestrainable, from wild to graceful, from virtuosic and crystalline to assertive and dramatic, from subdued to airy and demonstrative.


The trio has already been touring the world with its music including many prestigious festivals and venues. This 3 year old band has been growing at an impressive speed and has been named the export artist of the year in Luxembourg in 2017 in result to be the most internationally active band with over 60 concerts a year.

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