In today’s competitive music industry, we find ourselves in a high flow of projects and a growing number of talented artists who are not able to get in the market. We are talking about the almost unapproachable tasks of management, communication, marketing and the countless sales strategies that even the most emerging markets demand in order to access festival programmers, promoters and other buyers. 


Attending these challenges  we have designed  personalized tutorial and consulting services with the objective to facilitate the tools and strategies which will help you to develop your project. Specialized in emerging artists, our goal is to assist independent artists, musicians, managers and producers through our advisory to boost and improve their actions and daily management by establishing strategies to reach their objectives.

An International team is waiting for you! 

Addressed to:

  • Musicians and artists of all genres.

  • Managers and producers.

Efficient Management, Strategic Marketing and International Markets are part of the areas we work with you:

  • Career Development, Self - Management

  • Image, Communication and Marketing 

  • International Projection and Market Development​​

=>Applying effective Management strategies 

=>Designing a strategic communication and marketing plan.

=>Advising and designing strategies to get in new markets

How do we do it:

  • MENTORING Sessions 

Personalized tutoring is the most effective way for musical projects to have more opportunities. We propose short sessions with our experts, reviewing  specific challenges and proposing different strategies.



Global development  generating strategies that ensure an exponential and sustained growth.


We feel very safe and we perceive that we are with a very professional person, sure of himself, with great strength and knows what he has in hand. All this gives us confidence, this line of work makes us understand that we can achieve what we want. In summary, the consultancy gives us FOCUS AND PROJECTION. SECURITY AND TRUST” 

SIMAO (España-Guinea) World Music / African Fusion Music

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